10-day Residential Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program: January 11 – 22, 2018

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I am so grateful for the help I received, and even more grateful for the help my son received. It was a life changing experience for both of us. The program has allowed our entire family to heal and move forward with a bright hope in the future.

Depression is an ugly word. Before my son became depressed, I never realized how devastating, how debilitating, and how terrifying depression can be. My son became depressed because he lived in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship for several months immediately following his high school graduation. He returned home to us in a very bad state. We immediately sought to get him help. Unfortunately, the traditional treatment for depression in the city we live in is to put the patient on drugs, limit contact with the outside world, and tell the person that this is probably a life long problem. Our son was told he didn’t have to speak to the other members of his family, didn’t have eat meals with us and could sleep all day if that is what felt good to him. Just get the medications on schedule.

I no longer feel afraid, because I know that there is a way out.
Fortunately, we have a family friend who told us about Dr. Nedley and the positive results of his program. But I said to her, “no you don’t understand he is really depressed not just a little down”.  We finally decided that we had nothing to lose by attending the program. The psychologist our son was working with at the time told me that if I thought that a ten day spa holiday would turn the situation around I was seriously mistaken.The same psychologist was amazed upon the follow up visit following the Depression Recovery Program. She could not believe that such a transformation had taken place. Our son consistently tested both depression and anxiety free throughout all the follow up visits.

Our entire family has applied the principles that we learned from Dr. Nedley for the past four months, and this experience has greatly benefitted us all. We have even been able to share knowledge with friends and family. It is our intention to continue to live true to the principles of depression free living.

What happened during those ten days that helped me and my son to heal and to get back to a state of happiness and equilibrium? Well for me, the most important aspect of the program was an understanding of depression, and how it can be overcome. The program provided  my son and me with a clear pathway that we could follow to overcome this illness.I no longer feel afraid, because I know that there is a way out. A medical professional finally cared enough to show us the way out.  Dr. Nedley uses all the aspects of modern science, all the knowledge of modern medicine, and the best research of modern psychology. But this is not all. He knows that there is a spiritual component that is essential for the ultimate healing of both the body and the mind. His treatment works because he also acknowledges the age old wisdom of the Great Healer.

The greatest gift that Dr. Nedley gave me personally is the knowledge that my mental and emotional health are up to me and the choices that I make. I have the tools and the skills now to overcome emotional problems that may arise. Dr. Nedley also cured my son. My son is free from all medications and happier and more content with his life than ever before. He is on a life path that will bring him success and happiness because he now incorporates the principles of a depression free life.

I feel privileged to have worked with Dr. Nedley and his team of specialists at the Depression Recovery Program. I now know that there is a better way to live and be happy. I wish that all people could have access to the treatment plan that is set forth in Depression Recovery. My only regret is that I didn’t have access to or knowledge of the program in my youth. I highly recommend this method of treatment for anyone who struggles with depression or anxiety. It changed my life.

– Rebekah, USA


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After a terrible and abusive marriage, my depression and anxiety had become so severe that I was disabled, and virtually unable to function and even care for my son. I spent six months in a behavioral medicine unit and despite taking 4 antidepressants and anti-anxiety medicines and going through intensive cognitive behavioral therapy, my psychiatrist informed we that I either had to have ECT (electric shock therapy that induces seizures and can cause permanent memory loss) or be permanently disabled. Fortunately my mother heard about the Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program.

Within 5 months, I was off ALL my medications, had lost 30 pounds and was back to work full time. My psychiatrist told me at that time I did not need to see him anymore since I no longer had any psychiatric issues.
At the end of the program, not only was I doing better than I had been doing for 10 years, but I was down to 2 medications. Within 5 months, I was off ALL my medications, had lost 30 pounds and was back to work full time. My psychiatrist told me at that time I did not need to see him anymore since I no longer had any psychiatric issues. I am still doing amazingly well! No more crying all the time, and I can focus well again. I wake up with energy to face the day, my employer loves my work and work ethic and I love my job! I was able to successfully raise my son and now he has a very successful career. I exercise every day, eat well, and have lost over 50 pounds since I first came to the program The time at the residential Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program gave me the help I needed to get me back on my feet. I really don’t think I would have gotten that help any other place. I’m still getting benefit from those socks you gave us!! Whenever I want some extra loving care I wear them to bed and feel loved and cared for. If you had just given me socks I would have liked them but giving them along with inspiring thoughts, and the foot spa treatment gave them extra meaning. I cannot thank Dr. Nedley enough for putting this program together!

– Lilly, California


“I have been suffering since the age of 12 when I came home after an explosion and saw my father burning to death.  Prior to coming to the program I had been underemployed, then totally unemployed and found it impossible to reach the potential I was capable of.  I felt compelled to be up late at night constantly checking my E-mails, facebook and twitter, and the status of my job applications. I had a constant fear of missing out on something important. My life was restless, turbulent, from one extreme to another. I was full of anger and bitterness. I felt tired and lethargic, unmotivated, and uninspired. Severe anxiety, made it hard for me to do some basic things like opening letters. In addition I was caffeine and nicotine dependent.

My mother, who is a physician, knew I was suffering from both anxiety and depression and told me I had to come to this program to get the help I needed.  And WOW!  This program went way beyond my best expectations.

My mother, who is a physician, knew I was suffering from both anxiety and depression and told me I had to come to this program to get the help I needed.  And WOW!  This program went way beyond my best expectations.
 The classes were absolutely fantastic!  It seemed like I was learning something positively life-changing every 5 minutes!  In just ten days I got the help to sleep well, feel the blessing of a new day, and enjoy the little things.  I no longer have any fears of missing out and my depression and anxiety are completely gone.  I now know how to really LIVE!  Who would have ever guessed that I would turn into a morning person!  Since the program, I catch the sunrise every day… even when the clouds are covering it.”

– Ashley, Australia


“I was sexually abused at the age of 13 by a friend of the family.  I kept that a secret for years.  Soon depression and anxiety began to take over.  My fix was trying to find satisfaction in relationships with men, which quickly accelerated to sexual relationships.  Unfortunately, I would go from one break-up to another, one relationship to another.  Soon I needed antidepressants to cope with life.  Despite medication my depression would get very severe at times.  At other times I would have periods of more normal energy for me, but those periods were rated as high energy by my psychiatrist so I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  One drug was not enough, two drugs were not enough, three drugs were not enough.  Finally four drugs, two for bipolar, one for anxiety, one for mood.  I still had enough energy to get a job.  When I was 19, I caught the eye of my rich boss who was ten years older than me.  We started dating and I was on top of the world again—until I found out he was cheating on me.  I could not tolerate my life being this way—so I attempted suicide with an overdose, was sent home, and then overdosed again on something I knew would definitely take my life—I went into multi-system organ failure and almost died, but was finally able to leave the hospital, but my parents would not allow me to return home—I went straight from the hospital to an airplane—and went to the live-in Nedley Depression Recovery Program.   I did not want to be there—I still wanted to die, and I told them my problems were insurmountable, there was no hope for me, and no program would help me.

The great nutritious food, physical exercise, hydrotherapy, and circadian rhythm therapy were life-saving and helped me to be able to understand the great counseling I received there.  I learned that I must be B.P. (boy proof) and that my happiness could not be related to male relationships.  I learned the advantages of modesty and also learned that to be happily married, I must first be happily single.  My distorted thoughts, which I had no idea were actually distorted until I came to the program, have been corrected.  I am back to my consistently happy, and energetic self.  I am now off all psychiatric medications.  It has been two years since the program and I have not had a boyfriend since.  Yet, I believe my future is far brighter that the average person my age.  I am still following the program and am mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy.  I know I will be happily married when the right time comes, because I am very happily single.  I have just been accepted to P.A. school and my focus is my career at this time.”

– Mikala, Illinois


“For seventeen years, my depression has been a part of my life, sometimes overtaking it completely, sometimes more hidden… I was nervous about coming to the program because that would mean admitting that my depression was very real, and that I couldn’t find my way out by myself. When I got to the program, I decided to commit 100%.

I noticed changes in my attitude, in my thinking, and in the strength of my body…
Right from the start, I noticed changes in my attitude, in my thinking, and in the strength of my body… I’ve gained so many tools to help me manage and overcome my depression and anxiety. I feel empowered to take back control of my life. I now feel equipped to even help others in my family and community.”

 – Rebecca, Canada


Prior to coming to DR program, I was very discouraged and depressed and in a mental fog. I would often turn to bad habits to escape just to dull the pain I felt. I knew if I kept doing what I was doing, I was going to keep getting what I was getting and that was insanity. I finally decided I needed to make a change. Upon arriving to the program. I was very impressed by how caring and loving all the staff were. I learned so much about my mind, body, everything!  I would recommend this program to anyone struggling with depression and anxiety, or even if you are perfectly fine! It is very practical and will change your life…it gave me mine back!

– Sandy, Texas


I have a great business and have made a lot of money.  However, my arrogance, alcoholism, and womanizing caught up with me and I began a downward spiral.  I became persistently very uncertain about things. I was not feeling well and was worried all the time. I wanted to be my normal self: busy but happy, so I enrolled in the program. Since I went to the program, I not only have recovered from my alcoholism, but am also nicotine free—a bonus I was not expecting.  I now have what it takes to rebuild my marriage.  I feel much more confident. With all of the tools that the program taught and offered me, I am much more confident in my future plans. Now I  wake up ready to face the day! I AM BACK!”

– Craig, North Dakota


“My thoughts were spiraling out of control.  I would waste time with irrational thinking that would prevent me from getting projects done. As a teacher, I wanted to offer my students what I didn’t have, but I couldn’t give what I didn’t have. My friends and family would tell  me I had a great life, but I couldn’t see it. During the program, I began to see that my self talk was leading to most of my distortions. The cognitive behavioral therapist helped me handle my thoughts properly and now I am starting to see what my friends and family were talking about. I know I can help inspire my students to be critical thinkers.”

– Valerie, Alaska


On the outside, to everyone else, I had it all. I had an active family, I was involved in church and outreach, and I was prospering at work. The truth was I was full of anger, frustration, distorted thoughts, and feelings of worthlessness. Then my marriage fell apart and full blown depression and anxiety set in.

Although I still have to pick up the pieces from a broken home, I have been given the tools my body, mind and soul needed. Am I better?  You bet!  I now with God’s help enjoy embracing life with a new outlook.”

– Tommy, New Jersey


“Before coming, I felt like all the joy, enthusiasm, sparkle and emotion had gone out of my life. My ability to ‘feel’ was gone. I was emotionally dead. During the program I was amazed at how quickly I began to improve. Within days I noticed my energy levels increasing and some of the joy beginning to return to my life. For the first time in months, I began to really feel like myself. I have gained weight, while physically exercising over an hour a day and am now out of danger and in good health.  This is a comprehensive and intelligently designed program that will benefit anyone suffering from depression.”

– Hanna, Washington

Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our patients. Images are being used for illustrative purposes only and any person depicted is a model.